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The Mission of Virginia People’s PAC is to build a more reflective democracy in Virginia by recruiting, training, mentoring and building a community of senior-level diverse staff and leadership across electoral campaigns.

Why Our Work is Important

As Virginia continues to grow and progress, the demographic composition of decision-makers has largely remained unchanged. Using data from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a recent Politico article noted:

"In Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, three states where Black voters account for 25 percent of the electorate and were nearly 40 percent of the 2016 Democratic base, there is just one Black staffer in a top Senate position — Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) hired a Black legislative director in January."

While the Commonwealth is rich in culture and history, we do not see staff representation across campaigns, in elected officials offices and local parties that is fully reflective of the diversity in Virginia. The reasons for this is a symptom of larger structural problems related to race and economic class that is even more acute within a political system in Virginia that was set up to protect a very select few individuals.

We believe that an expansion of a diversity of voices amongst staffers who have the greatest proximate access and influence over decision makers can lead to a more inclusive system of governance that is truly rooted in equity and fairness for all Virginians. This is our theory of change and where the work of the VPP will primarily be focused.

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While the Commonwealth is rich in diversity and history there is still a lack of adequate representation at all levels of the government.

According to a recent study, People of color account for over a third of Virginia’s population (36.7 percent), but they account for less than 14 percent of the top staffers who work for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate Members who represent Virginia. Of the 13 elected Members of the Virginia delegation, just four have at least one top staffer of color. Most Virginians of color (52.3 percent) live in a district represented by a U.S. House Member without any top staffers of color. No White Virginians live in a district without a White top staffer.


Arena is the official training partner of Virginia People’s PAC. Their specialized intensive trainings provide a multidisciplinary approach to ushering in the next generation of diverse leadership on campaigns.

Progressive Pipeline recruits underrepresented students and places them in paid summer fellowships with progressive campaigns and organizations. They are then provided the training, mentorship, and connections they need to become tomorrow’s leaders. Virginia People’s PAC will sponsor summer fellows and provide access to tailored networking opportunities to enhance their training.

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